The Blue Beats – Parchman Farm

Unreleased track by the lads, featuring the McCully brothers, Tully and Mike. In comms with Tully, “…This track was featured on Springbok Radio’s ‘Battle of the Beats’ in 1966/67….Mel (Green), Mel (Miller) and Julian (Laxton) won, we came second…” …This is their take on the blues song first recorded by American Delta Blues musician Bukka White in 1940. An autobiographical piece, in which White sings of his experience at the infamous Mississippi State Penitentiary, known as Parchman Farm. The track has been covered by several other artists over the years.

Marq Vas, 29 December 2020

The Blue Beats – “Parchman Farm” Line up:
Mike McCully – Drums
Tully McCully – Bass, Lead Vocals
Richard Hyam – Rhythm Guitar
Maurice Findlay – Lead Guitar

Publisher: Marquis Music

Thanks to Tully for the track/band info and use of band pic.

McCully Workshop at the Canterbury Inn 1976 to 1978

Feeling Alright, a McCully Workshop-inspired mix

A nostalgic mix inspired by one of my all-time favourite South African bands, McCully Workshop.

Most of these songs were included in their set lists when they were the resident band at the Canterbury Inn, at the Fairmead Hotel, in Rondebosch, Cape Town from 1976 to 1978.

Brian Currin, February 2020

Track List

1. 2001: A Space Odyssey – Deodato
2. Space Oddity – David Bowie
3. Starman – David Bowie
4. Feelin’ Alright – Grand Funk Railroad
5. The Ride To Agadir – Mike Batt
6. The Court Of The Crimson King – King Crimson
7. Georgia On My Mind – The Spencer Davis Group
8. Red Eye – Joe Beck
9. Angie – The Rolling Stones
10. Nights In White Satin – The Moody Blues
11. I Am … I Said (live 1972) – Neil Diamond
12. Piano Man – Billy Joel
13. Lady – Supertramp
14. Guinevere – McCully Workshop
15. A Day In The Life – The Beatles
16. Symphony For Eleanor (Rigby) – The Ides Of March
17. Pirates (edit) – Emerson, Lake & Palmer
18. Buccaneer – McCully Workshop
19. Camarillo Brillo – Frank Zappa
20. When The Train Comes – The Sutherland Brothers & Quiver
21. Man From Afghanistan – Curtiss Maldoon
22. Bourée (BBC) – Jethro Tull
23. Locomotive Breath – Jethro Tull
24. Born To Be Wild – Steppenwolf
25. Eloise – Barry Ryan
26. Let’s Spend The Night Together – David Bowie
27. I’m A Man (live 1972) – Chicago
28. Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys (live 1973) – Traffic


McCully Workshop used to play in the late ’70’s at the Canterbury Inn at the Fairmead Hotel in Rondebosch, Cape Town. They were famous for their comedy, ripping off many of the politicians and sportsmen of the day. On Saturday nights McCully Workshop were the resident dance band, and on Sunday nights wonderful renditions of classic progressive rock tunes could be heard.

Chicago’s version of The Spencer Davis Group’s ‘I’m A Man’ (with a very long percussion section including all the band members), Barry Ryan’s ‘Eloise’, Traffic’s ‘Feelin’ Alright’ and of course their own songs like ‘Buccaneer’, ‘Fame And Fortune’, ‘Come Let Me Love You’ and ‘Dancin’ Tonite’ were all included in the set list. Of course no dancing was allowed on a Sunday in those dark days, so the audience had to just sit and listen… and listen they did (I know, ‘cos I was there).

Brian Currin

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