Work In Progress

Work In Progress, 2013

Release information:
CD: April, 2013, Micmac Music (16 tracks)
Streaming / Download: 2013, Templit Ltd. (12 tracks, in a different order)

Recording of the new album was done at Spaced Out Sounds and engineered and mixed again by Tully. There are 16 new tracks, including ‘Money In Your Pocket’ in which they collaborated with American rapper Brown. All tracks feature Mike McCullagh (drums), Tully McCullagh (bass and guitar), Rupert Mellor (keyboards) and Richard Black (guitar) on backing vocals.

All recordings used exclusively TUL MICS – these were invented by Tully specifically for recording and are now being used and raved about by leading artists and engineers in the USA.

All the songs are original and the band members each had a hand in the songwriting, resulting in a very eclectic mix showcasing their various styles.

Tracks (CD)

1The Aliens Are Landing
2Money In Your Pocket (feat Brown)
5100 MPH
6Give Me Something More
7Rock & Roll
8Strong Again
9Making Money
10Tired Of Waiting
11Can You Hear Me
12All I Ever Wanted
13Lonely Road
14Not You, It’s Me
16Last Summer

Tracks (Streaming / Download)


  • Mike McCully: Drums, vocals
  • Tully McCully: Vocals, bass, guitars
  • Rupert Mellor: Keyboards, vocals
  • Richard Black: Guitar, vocals


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